10 Reasons to Love Dating a Medical Student

I am at the 6 week mark until my wedding. The stress has really been building. I am in the process of negotiating job offers and trying to still stay focused on work and wedding stuff. On top of that, although Future Dr. B and I finally found a rental house to relocate to, we have been having tons of landlord issues. I’m talking this house was filthy dirty when we got the keys and smelled like an old wet dog, and she is telling us we are nutty and can either stay or get out….ughhh. Please someone prevent me from going completely nutty. I might need to be locked up, preferably in a beachy location with drinks in my hands, never to return ūüôā

What way to make everything better? I decided to start my first regular segment post! I am going to call it “Ten¬†Topic¬†Tuesday”. After the weekend, Monday’s – well they are just bleh. I figure, why not put a positive, reflective spin on the day after your first manic day of the week – Tuesday.

For this “Ten Topic¬†Tuesday”


10 Reasons to Love Dating a Medical Student

  1. Full of factoids – Medical students are hands down some of the smartest people I have ever met. They spend at least half of their time in undergraduate and medical school just learning great sums of facts and information. These large amounts of knowledge make for some hilarious late night bar exchanges¬†and can fill your factoid pool with some good conversation starters. “Did you know our blood is on a 60,000 mile journey everyday?” That one will get you a job or two. My favorite is when medical terms are mixed into casual conversation, “Hey – make sure you wear gloves, or your metacarpals will get cold,” and the non-medical person in the relationship is like whaaat?
  2. Always think you cook great – Due to their limited time between studying, class, clinic, and studying, most medical students think a banana and a cliff bar is a whole meal. When you actually prepare a dinner, and they have time to sit down and eat, you would swear you cooked better than Bobby Flay vs. Michael Symon in an Iron Chef super battle. Medical student with a mouth full of Hamburger Helper Extra Bold Cheddar says to their significant other, “Wow, this is super gourmet. You put yourself out with this meal. Is that a hint of truffle oil?” You, the significant other and Executive Chef, smile and savor the moment.
  3. Fix your boo boos – Medical students really can’t do a whole lot when it comes to fixing any serious medical problems, but that doesn’t stop really anyone from running their entire medical history and ailments by them. The best part¬†about dating a¬†medical student is when you tell them about your medical problems they just smile and listen. “What is this rash on my arm?” “Should my boogers look like this?” “I think I have [insert weird ailment you saw on the Dr. Oz show here].”¬†Running your health problems by your medical school lover rarely grosses them out. Although, for some of the really bad¬†stuff, those are report at your own risk.
  4. Give awesome back rubs – while naming all the bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves – Medical students have the hands of gods, well at least the¬†medical student I am dating¬†does. I think medical students feel guilty for all the time they spend away from the people they care about, so a good back rub is always in the cards. Don’t be surprised when it turns into an anatomy lesson, however.
  5. Cherish time spent together – Medical students are very much in the moment types of people. I think this is a product of the amount of work they have on any given day. I don’t think this changes when they transition to full time doctors either. Dating a medical student who is in the moment does wonders for a relationship because it makes sure that time spent together is special. Lack of physical time together is definitely a downside to dating a medical student. However, there is that saying – quality over quantity. I definitely think medical student significant others know how to¬†prioritize quality time with their loves.
  6. Self Starter – Just getting into medical school takes a high level of academic acumen. Most medical students are impressive self starters. For anyone that wants a break from planning a date or wants someone with creative and romantic ideas, dating a medical student is the right choice. I think this goes back to quality over quantity again. With a medical student’s limited time, you can’t expect crazy romantic date nights every day. However, they seem to know when to make them count.
  7. Compassionate – Dealing with life or death situations, and literally having someones future existence in your hands, is some pretty heavy stuff. I always joke to my accounting team that we can chill out because we aren’t saving lives. I think medical school and medical work, for that matter, really changes the way that a person views situations. My experience dating a medical student is that it brings intense compassion and understanding to a person. Medical students and doctors view the world from the lens they developed in their medical training. A big part of that training is dealing with some of the toughest situations and decisions. Medical students make¬†for understanding and sensitive lovers.
  8. Great story tellers – “You will never believe what happened to me today?” That is the way tons of conversations will start when you date a medical student. From crazy patient stories, to weird medical problems, or run of the mill Grey’s Anatomy type coworker drama, I’ve heard it all. It is like my own personal Soap, and I love it. Who needs Shonda Rhimes when you are dating a medical student? Well wait, maybe I still do, but there is always room for real life Grey’s too!
  9. Confident and strong – Making hard medical decisions takes confidence. A medical students’ confidence grows very quickly in school, and they gain a strength that is needed to fulfill there future jobs as doctors. The plus side, this new found confidence is super sexy and keeps your relationship grounded. Medical students can be the rock to get you through a difficult situation in your personal life or¬†relationship. Sometimes that is exactly what you need in a partner at the end of the day!
  10. Committed – Most medical students face at least 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school and anywhere from 3-7 plus years of residency and fellowship. If that isn’t a commitment, I’m not sure what is. Most medical students I have met are truly committed to their career aspirations, which often trickles into other aspects of their lives. Contrary to what TV shows would suggest, many medical students are serial monogamists. I think a deep commitment to their goals in life and relationships keeps them focused on the achievement they crave. This is perfect if your relationship goal is¬†loud wedding bells and a white picket fence. With a medical student, you can have true life loyalty.