About the Girlfriend…

J&B Engagement-119

I am just a 20 something, midwest girl, navigating the world while dating a medical student…edit – while engaged to a medical student.

A little bit more about me. I am just your average 20 something young professional, trying to have a good time whenever possible and acting as cool as a total geek of a girl can. I have a degree in Accounting and Finance and currently work as a CPA. Some of my favorite things to do include imbibing in craft brews, eating hipster food, outdoor activities – including gardening, bicycling and loving on my goofy pup Henry.

A little bit more about “us”: I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend (edit fiance), Future Dr. B, for over six years. We met in undergrad and started dating my senior year (he is one year older) after sharing a flask in the closet at my sorority formal. I guess we started it out right (those who drink together stay together right?) and are going strong many years later. B (before the Future Dr.) decided to go to medical school shortly after we started dating. I decided to buy a house and work a job 250 odd miles away (wasn’t my fault – I got my job first). He is currently in his fourth year of medical school all the way across the state and I’m just hanging out with my crazy pup Henry doing my thing.  This is our story together – well not physically together in the same city but with each other 🙂

I’ve embarked on this blogging journey to gain support and vent my frustrations about dating a future doctor, long distance, and well…anything else that comes to mind.


2 thoughts on “About the Girlfriend…

  1. Hi Janean,
    I just found your blog today while searching the following on Google, “Boyfriend; quarter-life crisis; medical school.” If you couldn’t tell by the keywords, my life is taking a similar direction to yours as of late. My boyfriend of about a year and half just started his first year of med school, and so far, at almost 3 months in, it has been okay. I am from Columbus, but am living in Pittsburgh where we met. His school is in Scranton, PA. To put it in perspective: Cleveland to Scranton plus a couple of hours…
    Initially, I was the one who needed convincing that we could do this LDR thing. My bf even talked me into the possibility of moving to Scranton when I finish my Master’s degree next spring. Now, however, he seems to be having a change of heart. Just last week he came for a visit and told me he needs space to figure things out. After a week of ‘space’, he finally determined that he isn’t sure if he is ready for such a huge commitment.
    This was all a shock to me, and blindsided me completely! After finding your blog, however, it gave me hope to know that there are others out there who are going through similar distance/school related situations. I just read your most recent post about doing things for yourself and it definitely inspired me! I hope to see more from you in the future, thanks so much for sharing your story!

    1. Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about your difficult time. I definitely know the feeling, and I hope that you have found some peace in your situation knowing that you are your own best friend. I am sorry I haven’t posted in awhile and hope that you are deep into your own personal journey with or without your boyfriend, having the time of your life! Best wishes.

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