One Year Older…Maybe slightly Wiser?

I know it has be20140324-214221.jpgen an eternity since my last post. I feel like my life has been in fast forward since Christmas, and I haven’t had a chance to breath. I am sure Future Dr. B, if he were participating in this blog would say he felt the same way. Let’s see…where to start?

Things that have happened in the last few months:

1. Got Henry the Dog
2. Train Henry the Dog
3. Been back and forth to the Hospital and Rehab visiting my Grandmother
4. Went on a Cruise vacation
5. Future Dr. B’s Birthday
6. Valentines Day
7. Received a pro
motion at work
8. Trained Henry More…
9. Working on finishing some remodels to my house (alone)
10. My Birthday (yesterday) phewfff

Now, a year in reflecting: 25 turning to 26. Ever since I was super little, I always thought 25 was the age of beauty, maturity, and the perfect age overall. To be 25 – that was suppose to be my year. I had some grand expectations for 25. Yet, I feel like the year was way less settled then I had hoped. The bad: I don’t think 25 was where I wanted it to be. The good: I think 26 will be the year I have finally come into my own.

I did accomplish a lot up until year 25. I passed my CPA right before my 25th birthday, and that was a HUGE relief. I think that is where things sort of tapered off for me accomplishment wise. I settled into 25 expecting great things, but I didn’t work for them as hard as I would and should have. I think it was a combination of post CPA exhaustion and the fact that I am an eternal dreamer – also that I continue to wait for my life to start with Future Dr. B. Unfortunately, none of those things are in the moment – thus didn’t happen in year 25. The turning point for me has really happened since the start of the new year, and more so in the last few months. Henry has helped me stay accountable, and I have set many goals for year 26. The interesting thing this time is I am living more in the moment and actually scratching things off the list versus waiting for them to come true. Some of my big goals for year 26:
1. Get Henry to be a fully trained obedient dog – I have been going every Monday night with Henry to training classes. This has been seriously stressful, and I am a decently patient person. Last night, on my birthday, we had a revelation – Henry started acting more calmly in a setting outside our home. I think we are starting to make headway.

2. Finish my home projects – I have a lengthy list of “finishing up” projects in my home. Let me preface this with over the last three years I have refinished almost every surface of my circa 1970’s house. I have a few little kitchen projects left and I want to paint and complete my basement and add a garbage disposal. I am almost finished with a tile backsplash that I just up and decided to do at the beginning of this year. Check in the right direction on this goal for year 26.

3. Run a half marathon and work out in the morning regularly

4. Bike across Ohio

5. Plant a garden and can food

6. Clean out excess and organize

7. Work on writing a book – this one is a secret (ssshhhh)

What does all this have to do with dating a med school student you may wonder? Well I think that year 24 and especially year 25 (since my CPA distraction was over) was much more about wishing my life was a certain way then living my life a certain way. I was most likely wishing my life incorporated living with B and building our life together.

Since I still have awhile to dream about that, this year, year 26, is going to be about achieving things that make me happy. I can feel the difference in this year and I am liking it already. Focusing on goals makes my relationship with Future Dr. B easier and the loneliness apart for Step 1 study easier. Wonder what fun lies ahead?

I will continue to post pictures of my to do list. Here goes nothing….or maybe everything!!!