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I hope you join me!

Liebster Award and Big Announcement!!!!

Recently, I was awarded the Liebster Award from a fun blog friend Born Into the Wild Life <—– go check her out. I am totally honored. The point of the Liebster Award is for fellow bloggers to nominated one another to encourage reading new and interesting blogs. I have been recently blogging a little more and am really committed to continue to share on this blog…it is both in my best interest (great mental boost), and I hope I have connected with some readers in the process. Below I have answered the questions asked of me by Born Into The Wild Life so that everyone can get to know me better. At the end I have a big announcement for this website!

Liebster Award Winner – Get to Know the Winner

1. If you could live forever, would you want to?

I absolutely love life. I would only live forever if everyone around me could live forever too. Being married to medicine, I know that birth and death is the natural cycle of life. However, if I could continue to just be 30, I would totally welcome that!

2. What did you have for your last meal?

My last meal would be the most amazing Neapolitan pizza around. I absolutely love authentic Italian pizza, and if I couldn’t eat anything else, this would be the last thing to grace my taste buds. Well, and maybe with some gelato for dessert.

3. Do you listen to anything when you shower? Or do you shower on silence with your thoughts?

Normally I just shower or bathe in silence. I enjoy thinking and relaxing in the hot water. If I were to play some music, say after a great workout, I would be blasting some old school rap. If I were trying to be mellow, maybe a little John Mayer.

4. Butter on bread, yay or nay?

Good crusty fresh baked bread is naked without some salted butter. A little discussed topic on my blog is my love of food. I really like it too much – not good for the waistline. Starting a meal with hot from the oven, crusty bread, and fresh salted butter, can’t get any better.

5. Do you have a party trick? If so, what is it?

No party trick here. I just generally like to socialize with friends and try to make them laugh at my bad jokes. I don’t have any of those crazy off the wall talents that people like to show off at parties. I can’t even curl my tongue or do crazy dance moves. I know, boring.

6. What do you normally eat for breakfast?

I’m super bad about eating breakfast. When I head to the office for work, I usually just have a trusty cup of coffee. If I am at home on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, I enjoy a good brunch spread. My husband’s favorite thing I make is anything with eggs. I sometimes do over easy eggs with cream cheese bags and fresh slices of tomatoes. I also use leftover veggies and potatoes to make an egg scramble. Always coffee though!

7. Do you think the afterlife exists? If not, do you hope it does?

I can only hope. At worst there is nothing, and at most, there is something. I tend to lean with the “something.” I grew up fairly religious. I am also fairly educated. I think there is a balance between tradition and knowledge. I go to church regularly and believe that there is something greater than ourselves.

8. Do you watch any TV show out of obligation and not because you actually like it?

Pretty much anything my husband wants to watch will be something I watch out of obligation. I don’t really watch a ton of TV. I mostly like light, reality TV if I am going to watch anything. TV shows on channels like TLC or watching Youtube Blogs would be my go to. My husband likes more intense shows. So if he is watching and I am there, it is out of obligation.

9. Is there a word you can never spell?

I am pretty bad at all spelling. When I was little, I had a difficult time with AWKWARD, until I made a little song up for it. Now I sing that song in my head every time I see or write that word.

10. What is your favorite fruit?

Cherries!!! or any berries for that matter. I could eat an entire tub of blueberries too. Love them!

So now that you have gotten to know a little about me, I am going to nominated a few of my favorite blogs in the coming days to participate in the Liebster Award.

Now for the Big Announcement……

My blog will soon be moving to datingamedicalstudent.com 

I know crazy! I am working to move everything over to the website just as it is here. Hopefully, I will also have a nice redirect widget that will help all my traffic move with me. If anyone out there has moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and has any advice or suggestions it is very welcome. Once the datingamedicalstudent.com is up and running, I plan to start vlogging and instagramming more as well. This will give me the flexibility to continue to grow the blog with more content.

Get excited! Please support me by following me there. More info to come in the next week.

One Year Older…Maybe slightly Wiser?

I know it has be20140324-214221.jpgen an eternity since my last post. I feel like my life has been in fast forward since Christmas, and I haven’t had a chance to breath. I am sure Future Dr. B, if he were participating in this blog would say he felt the same way. Let’s see…where to start?

Things that have happened in the last few months:

1. Got Henry the Dog
2. Train Henry the Dog
3. Been back and forth to the Hospital and Rehab visiting my Grandmother
4. Went on a Cruise vacation
5. Future Dr. B’s Birthday
6. Valentines Day
7. Received a pro
motion at work
8. Trained Henry More…
9. Working on finishing some remodels to my house (alone)
10. My Birthday (yesterday) phewfff

Now, a year in reflecting: 25 turning to 26. Ever since I was super little, I always thought 25 was the age of beauty, maturity, and the perfect age overall. To be 25 – that was suppose to be my year. I had some grand expectations for 25. Yet, I feel like the year was way less settled then I had hoped. The bad: I don’t think 25 was where I wanted it to be. The good: I think 26 will be the year I have finally come into my own.

I did accomplish a lot up until year 25. I passed my CPA right before my 25th birthday, and that was a HUGE relief. I think that is where things sort of tapered off for me accomplishment wise. I settled into 25 expecting great things, but I didn’t work for them as hard as I would and should have. I think it was a combination of post CPA exhaustion and the fact that I am an eternal dreamer – also that I continue to wait for my life to start with Future Dr. B. Unfortunately, none of those things are in the moment – thus didn’t happen in year 25. The turning point for me has really happened since the start of the new year, and more so in the last few months. Henry has helped me stay accountable, and I have set many goals for year 26. The interesting thing this time is I am living more in the moment and actually scratching things off the list versus waiting for them to come true. Some of my big goals for year 26:
1. Get Henry to be a fully trained obedient dog – I have been going every Monday night with Henry to training classes. This has been seriously stressful, and I am a decently patient person. Last night, on my birthday, we had a revelation – Henry started acting more calmly in a setting outside our home. I think we are starting to make headway.

2. Finish my home projects – I have a lengthy list of “finishing up” projects in my home. Let me preface this with over the last three years I have refinished almost every surface of my circa 1970’s house. I have a few little kitchen projects left and I want to paint and complete my basement and add a garbage disposal. I am almost finished with a tile backsplash that I just up and decided to do at the beginning of this year. Check in the right direction on this goal for year 26.

3. Run a half marathon and work out in the morning regularly

4. Bike across Ohio

5. Plant a garden and can food

6. Clean out excess and organize

7. Work on writing a book – this one is a secret (ssshhhh)

What does all this have to do with dating a med school student you may wonder? Well I think that year 24 and especially year 25 (since my CPA distraction was over) was much more about wishing my life was a certain way then living my life a certain way. I was most likely wishing my life incorporated living with B and building our life together.

Since I still have awhile to dream about that, this year, year 26, is going to be about achieving things that make me happy. I can feel the difference in this year and I am liking it already. Focusing on goals makes my relationship with Future Dr. B easier and the loneliness apart for Step 1 study easier. Wonder what fun lies ahead?

I will continue to post pictures of my to do list. Here goes nothing….or maybe everything!!!



Quarter-Life Crisis


So I realized today…well maybe before today…that I am currently in a full blown Quarter-life crisis.

I have officially been a “grown-up” for four years. Initially, after college, I was on a new-money-acquired high. Shortly after that, I was still experiencing the euphoria of feeling important in my job. Slowly past that peak, I started to wain, but kept justifying my decent salary as happiness. This salary afforded a comfortable lifestyle including vacations, dinners out, and more things – shouldn’t this be happiness? Then I hit the wall – is my life really going to be like this forever? I get up go to work, sit at a desk, eat lunch, sit at a desk, leave work, clean my house, put in a work-out video, watch an hour of tv, talk to Future Dr. B, go to sleep, get up for work, sit at a desk, eat lunch, sit at a desk…..you get the point.

I find myself looking forward to the smallest of details to obtain my happiness now – “Yes! I have pizza for lunch.” However, I am finding it hard and harder to draw self worth lunchtime options.

I had read an article about millennial dissatisfaction in life (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wait-but-why/generation-y-unhappy_b_3930620.html). I thought maybe this was the answer to my Quarter-life dispair. Maybe I set the bar too high. Then again I was only setting the bar to lunch time food options so…. I dug deeper and discovered the source of some of these feelings – I know what you are currently thinking – Janean, you are so blessed – Decent job, roof over your head, time and resources for leisure activities! I am undoubtedly grateful for my current position in life. I’ve just realized that I had been dumping so much effort into trying to determine Future Dr. B’s future – What his med school grades are, how many weeks until his next test, should I cook him some meals to freeze, can’t go to this event with friends because this is the only weekend I can drive down to Dayton to see him because HE is so busy.

What about ME so busy? Do I want to go back to school? What about that law school degree that I always wanted to pursue. Maybe an MBA? What about writing a book? Wait! I want to take a cooking class?

I realized that I am always suppressing these thoughts because it is more about him than me every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love this boy. However, it is really hard being the significant other of someone whose path is already so clearing defined. Given the financial and time commitment that he has already invested in this future career as an M.D., it is hard to justify deviating to even entertain my aspirations. I don’t even think about my aspirations to come to think of it. And there it comes, the wave of anxiety.

=Quarter-life Crisis