Med Year 2 (M2) but what about me?

The second year of medical school has turned out to be the hardest yet. I know what you are thinking…but you only have one year to compare it to. However, one year has completely changed the pace of our relationship all thanks to M2.

As the weekend approaches, I am slightly disheartened knowing that I will not see Future Dr. B as a result of his neuro test on Monday. We have been trying to see each other about every other week to every two weekends this year. The more frequent we see each other the better our relationship seems to be, so I have been making it a priority this year to see each other more. No one can really prepare a couple for M2 I feel. Even some of the spouses/girlfriends of students in Future Dr. B’s class have been lamenting on the rigor that is required by our medical school student loves. Every night I hear about the work load, the test, the worries, the concerns – Which leaves the question: Where in medical school year 2 is there room for me?

Luckily, I myself have been quite busy with work, trying to push ahead working towards a new promotion. However nothing can really keep my mind off of missing my time with Future Dr. B or the fact that this weekend I will be hanging out with my friends and family, missing the other half of me. You don’t realize how much sacrifice goes into medical school until once again, during our favorite time of year (fall) we are missing out on picking apples together or tailgating a football game. Here is to the beginning of Med Year 2. I am just hoping his pace will slow down soon so that I can be in love with the carefree boy I first fell for.

Medical School Student Girlfriend = Constant Waiting Game

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The reason I decided to start this blog is because I needed a way to express how incredibly wonderful, difficult, frustrating, interesting, and crazy life can be dating a medical school student. I find it difficult to truly connect with people who are not dating or married to a medical school student/doctor when it comes to the topic of relationships. Dating a medical school student carries so many different emotions because of the time commitment your significant other dedicates to medical school, the demands of everyday life, and keeping the connection alive through all of the studying and long hours of work. I guess in order to truly start this blog off – I should go to the beginning…

Future Dr. B and I met as undergraduates. At the time, I was studying Finance and Accounting, with dreams of working at the Big 4. Future Dr. B was studying the best ways to consume Natural Light (I mean Psychology – please no offense to those majors), and it was love at first drunken party night. When we first began dating, Future Dr. B had recently graduated and was working part time as a Social Worker. He had aspirations of obtaining a clinical psychology PhD and was pursuing that possibility. I was finishing my senior year of college. It wasn’t until he actually didn’t like research and had been wait-listed or rejected from the 30 or so schools for clinical psychology, that he realized he needed to change course – I still wonder why in the world I planted the medical school seed in his brain. Two years, 60 extra college credits, and 4 long months of Kaplan MCAT classes under his belt, and he was on his way to medical school. Only two problems remained – I wound up holding down the fort 200+ miles in a different city working my “dream” job in public accounting (turning out to be more of a nightmare than a dream) and his medical school acceptance wound up being in the same 200+ mile city we were already apart from. Ahh long distance.

Fast forward: We made it through M1 (Medical School Year 1) surprisingly smoothly, with my job change to a more stable corporate 9-5 accounting job backing us up. Now we are in M2 (eight weeks deep). I feel like we are still plugging along: the distance, the phone calls, all his studying, me working everyday and maintaining the house I own, but now I feel it getting harder and harder to wait for that graduation day. I sit here on a Sunday night typing this story, wondering if I really do see the light at the end of the tunnel or if I am just continuously playing some twisted waiting game. This is something I need to explore…