Residency Match

Match Day isn’t the LAST day

Just a shout out to all my spouses, partners, family and friends of someone who found out whether or not they matched today – to those of you with great news the wait until Friday begins. Congratulations. Be thankful for this day, even though I know you are anxiously awaiting Friday. To those who may… Continue reading Match Day isn’t the LAST day

Residency Match

Match Day 2017 – Tips to help keep you chill

To all those out there dating a medical student who is finishing up their forth year, match day is around the corner. This can be a particularly scary time because there are so many potential changes ahead. I know first had how difficult match day can be. For anyone that has followed this blog, they… Continue reading Match Day 2017 – Tips to help keep you chill

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10 Reasons to Love Dating a Medical Student

I am at the 6 week mark until my wedding. The stress has really been building. I am in the process of negotiating job offers and trying to still stay focused on work and wedding stuff. On top of that, although Future Dr. B and I finally found a rental house to relocate to, we… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Love Dating a Medical Student

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Dating a Stressed, Depressed, Burnout

I read this article today in US News and World Report. It was a true eye opener. For anyone out there in a relationship with a medical student, resident, or attending physician, we often encounter situations where our significant other is truly stressed, tired or depressed due to the demands of medicine. I usually try… Continue reading Dating a Stressed, Depressed, Burnout