New Beginnings, Graduation, and Green Juice


A lot has been going on recently, and many changes have been occurring. To kick it all off, a little over 7 months ago, I embarked on a sabbatical to finish my MBA, and I fondly coined it with the term “The Year of Me.”  Please take a look back at those posts for a little more background on what that journey meant for me. If you look back, so much of this blog really focuses on my relationship with Dr. B (I do plan to talk more about that in the future – there is always a lot to say there), but really “The Year of Me” was a time to find myself, finish my school, take a break from work. Well… the not even a full year of time has come to an end, and well – I graduated! GAHHH – sooo crazy.



So with the closure of that chapter starts a new chapter – I will being teaching at a local university in the evenings as an adjunct instructor! I am super excited about this new prospect and can’t wait to dive in and help my students grow. I am super nervous about this class though because I have never taught before – if there are any teachers or professors reading this, feel free to leave me some tips!

In addition to getting ready for the summer semester class, I have been trying to decide what is next for me. I am looking to get back into the corporate world , possibly for my last company and expand on my leadership. Please think about me as I embark on this decision. The last few months have been really hard with Dr. B’s schedule and his mom’s health, so I am not really sure what the right path is for me yet.

One top of all of that, I have been recently expanding my hobby selling new and used clothing onto Poshmark – you can find my store here – Poshmark Store. I have always been selling on the side here and there using eBay, but with the little extra time I have had, I am going to be adding more inventory to Poshmark. Feel free to take a look if you enjoy getting great designer clothes at a discount.

Now back to the important stuff – Blog Goals:

On top of all my other ventures, I really do want to make an extra effort to continue to update this blog. I do not get a lot of readers, but really this is a great outlet for me to express myself and update others. So here are a few of my goals below. If you feel so inclined, please comment on what you would like to hear more about.

  1. Reorg the blog – I need to do a better job categorizing the posts. I have a long-term goal to move this blog to my .com, but that is going to stay a longer term goal for now
  2. Continue to post more frequently. I would like to add some segments based on readers preferences. I get a lot of traffic on my older relationship blogs, but I am not always sure that is what people want to read. That is honestly what I enjoy writing about most, however, so bring it on.
  3. Incorporate more of me – a lot of this blog has centered around Dr. B. While it will always be that way to an extent, he is my husband after all, I would like to move this blog to focus a little more on myself. This would also make Dr. B feel better – he is blog shy. What are your thoughts?
  4. Vlogs? – This is the one thing I have toyed around with most of all. I see so many awesome vlogs out there today, and I have wondered if this would be a nice step for this blog. Mostly, because I think it would be awesome to have my life documented in a way. I am really bad about taking pictures and filming. I would like to have these memories captured, and I am wondering if a vlog is a good outlet. My only concern is that it exposes too much of my personal life/privacy concerns. Plus – who knows if my life is even that interesting.

Anyways – these are some of my goals. Please hold me to them, or at least making a decision on them. Also if you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns please let me know. I am really interested in knowing what readers think. This blog started as a diary of sorts and has really expanded to be open to others. I’ve liked the growth in some ways, but I also want to keep that diary feel.


You are probably wondering – what in the world? So as I mentioned in my last post, Dr. B’s mom is battling pancreatic cancer. This has been so hard on everyone (I have a post started on dealing with cancer in a family and as a spouse). One of the ways I have tried to be supportive is by doing ample research, mostly scientific because B is a Dr. after all. Her treatments haven’t been very successful and the cancer has spread fairly rapidly. This has been devastating news for all. During this bad news, I came across some scientific research around bitter melons helping cancer.


They are these sort of prickly melons I have found at an international market. Well, I have been juicing them for Dr. B’s mom. It is a very interesting and comical process. Would definitely make a good vlog if I ever do one. Here is a pic below of the juice I made.


The reason this is important is she is having updated scans in two weeks. I am hoping for the first time we get a little good news and the green juice is working. This stuff doesn’t taste great, but I am praying it is killing dem cancer cells!

I think that’s all I got for now…




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