Things are looking…Up!

It has been one crazy week. Really nuts to even look back day to day. These last few weeks have literally been the longest days of my life, starting in mid-march with the match all the way to today as we figure out what is next. Even just a week ago there were a ton of unknowns. Where were we going to live, what was my job going to look like, should I sell my house, should we split this year up and live apart even after marriage, should we book a new honeymoon since we had to cancel ours, and finally…when was this all going to get done?


I am happy to report that I have checked many of these “unknown” items off my list and am finally feeling comfortable with the idea of all of this change that is about to occur.

So let me break it down. Late last week we were in talks to rent a house near the hospital where Future Dr. B will do his research fellowship this year. Its a “days” drivable distance but still far from where I currently live. We weren’t sure what was going to happen, but luckily Future Dr. B was able to get out there and see the house since I could not make the trip. The housing market is  very hot in the city we are trying to relocate to and we have been having a really hard time finding a place that is both affordable and workable for what we are trying to achieve. I am really not being very picky, but after owning a home for 6 years, I had a hard time giving up a few luxuries – an in-suite washer and dryer being one of them. Trust me – I have sacrificed A LOT – give this girl convenient laundry!  #futureresidentswifeproblems

Additionally, I had my first of two bridal showers over the weekend. We made a thing of it and went down to see the house again together with our Moms. The house was a little rough around the edges, but I think it will honestly work out for what we are trying to accomplish in the next year. I must say, it is very weird to go from being a home owner for the last 6 years to negotiating a rent deal and being so reliant on others. Overall the entire weekend was lovely, and I was so happy to be able to spend time with Future Dr. B’s family and friends in honor of our upcoming nuptials.


In addition to all this weekend fun, late last week I found out that the proposal I had made to work remotely at my current employer was being approved. I still have a ways to go to determine a finalized schedule, but I am happy to report that I now have an alternative to finding a new job in order to be near Future Dr. B. Breathe in and Ssssigghhh. Thank GOD!

To make matters even more AWESOME – Future Dr. B and I found out we were approved to rent the house on Monday. Cha ching…finally things going in our favor. At least he won’t need to sleep in a card board box for his first few weeks working.

Not to overwhelm with this overly positive post, but I just have to sit here and smile. Its like one of those making lemonade out of a big fat bag of lemons comments. At least something is going right for us even though we aren’t in the most optimal situation. This has hands down been the most difficult year of my entire life. Anything I even remotely complained about or prepared for could not have truly made me ready for the amount of stress and mental strength I would need to keep it together during this crazy time. I know there are still so many unknowns to get through before the wedding and this summers transition, not to mention this winters re-match, but I feel confident that at least some things are turning out in the right way.

We also booked a new honeymoon. Bermuda here we come. Might not be two weeks to Europe as planned…but hey – its pretty darn awesome to me!

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