Long Distance Perspective

It’s getting late, and I should be in bed. I am missing Future Dr. B because he has been away for the last week. Long distance is both difficult and rewarding. For one – I am going to be stretching out alone in my bed tonight – my favorite thing. However, I miss his presence and our before bed conversations when he is here. I hate to admit it, but it just isn’t the same without him.

My co-worker, who knows the ins and outs of my relationship with Future Dr. B and who has heard me complain, lament and gush over all aspects of the ups and downs of long distance, sent me an article about why being in a long distance relationship is a good thing. I read the article with a degree of skepticism. However, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree completely with the sentiments. I think the article highlights some of the positives that come with long distance. I have gotten a lot of comments from people out there, and have read many blogs, with similar long distance situations. For anyone nervous about their current long distance relationship, hopefully the positives in communication, love, and connection transcends the distance.

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