Draw Backs to Dating a Medical Student

Interview Stress…anything but the “Big Easy”

Future Dr. B is knee deep in scheduling interviews for his residency in Orthopedic surgery occurring over the next few months. I was hoping this time of year was going to be easy for us. For one, during interview season, he isn’t in class as much and a lot of his learning can be done remotely. I figured this meant that we would be spending some good ole’ quality time together. Boy was I wrong! This has been a super stressful time for us. With the wedding planning and the unknown of our future location, I have been feeling the stress much more than I thought. Deep Breaths…

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I was thinking of a way we could just have a little “couple time”. I figured this would allow Future Dr. B to wind down a bit in between interviews and afford us the opportunity to just chill. I came up with this wonderful idea that I would book some cheap flights on Frontier Airlines to go to New Orleans (well Nola via Atlanta…we are poor) in the few days before Christmas. I checked all of B’s interview schedules and made sure that it appeared no other programs would book interviews, specifically making the trip very close to Christmas with the hopes it would actually work out. I assumed this was a safe plan because who would want to interview right before the holidays…right? Wrong…very very Wrong! Just last night, Future Dr. B got a very important interview…right on the day we were suppose to leave on our special Christmas NOLA trip. So much for Big Easy being Easy Peasy. I subsequently spent the next two hours on the phone with Frontier and Chase trying to make something work. Unfortunately, the flights cannot be changed at this point due to the fees and the flight schedule, so we are just out the money. Luckily I got a deal on the tickets. However, the most disappointing part of this whole problem is probably the most selfish – I was just really looking forward to have some control over what we did.

The worst part about dating a medical student, being engaged to a medical student, and trying to have a life around a medical student is literally having a complete loss of control. It wasn’t so much the loss of the money on the flights, or the fact that we will most likely being spending our trip on the road, driving across the midwest to get Future Dr. B to all of his interviews on time – I am really just selfishly annoyed that I can’t choose what I want to do when I want to do it. It sounds childish for sure, but it takes all of my power not to hold this against Future Dr. B. I totally know in my heart of hearts that this isn’t his fault by any means. I am so thankful we have made it this far under all of the challenges we have been under. Sometimes, however, I just want to do something for us…and for me…Shoot, let’s be honest, I really just wanted a hot beignet at Cafe Du Monde and to have 10 minutes of Future Dr. B’s time. Guess it will be driving south on 71 in snowy Ohio weather instead.


I think with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I am going to work on being thankful that B has way too many interviews versus not enough and that there is an end in sight. It might be a small bit of light…but I think I can just about see it. And in the mean time the beignets will wait and my wedding dress silhouette will thank me.


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