Time flies when you are dating a med student…

So I guess I should start by saying Hello! – again. It has been way too long since I updated this blog space. I was just reading through my previous posts and contemplating everything that has changed since the last time I logged on. I am kind of wondering where I went for awhile. This has been a great way for me to connect with others in the same situation as me. I saw how many great comments and responses I got to some of my posts during my long vacation from blogging, and I decided to come back! I think I am going to need everyone’s support now more than ever…as Future Dr. B is currently interviewing for residency…what!!??? and, oh yea he might have put a ring on it (insert very open smiley/shocked face here).

Hold up…Let’s back up before I get away with myself here. Let’s rewind a bit to where I left off. It was the eve of my 26th birthday and I had a lot to reflect on…a lot. I am now only a few months from 28, and let me tell you…I hate getting older. In between, I did a lot of working on myself. Future Dr. B was terribly busy at the end of his second year studying for Step 1 of the USMLE. This is about where I left off in this blog. That meant that year 26 allowed for a bunch of self exploration. I refined my hobbies, trained my precious, rambunctious pup Henry, and threw myself wholeheartedly into work. I wish I could say this point was better for both me and Future Dr. B, that everything was “easy breezy beautiful dating a future doctor world”…but trust me it was anything but. I think the distance, coupled with the relentless studying B was doing really made it hard for us to connect in our relationship at all times. However, by focusing on my other favorite person besides Future Dr. B, that is myself, it gave me time to work on the things that I needed to grow as a person. For that reason, the second year of medical school ended in a way I would not have predicted for myself…and that was – I was finally getting happy with ME. Future Dr. B on the other hand was very very tired, like fall asleep while you are standing in the grocery store line tired. Somehow we made it through to the other side…together.

Medical school year 3 started with the excitement of real medicine for Future Dr. B and a new team position for me at my job crunching some hardcore numbers. We had lots to talk about on the phone these days, with little time to do it given B’s crazy clinical schedule. I think M3 will forever be my favorite year of medical school for Future Dr. B because it was the first time I got use to the idea of him being a doctor one day. It gave me a glimpse of what was to come and the actuality that it might be manageable for our relationship and for his sanity. I am guessing he might have been feeling the same way because….On January 17, 2015, a cold long-weekend in the snowy midwest and in between a Friday and a Sunday clinical shift for Future Dr. B, he surprised me in the grandest way with a beautiful, sparkly diamond ring! I guess this is where this blog transitions from dating to potentially marrying a medical student. And yes – I did say YES.

#shitgotreal #FutureDr.andMrs.B

That is where the whirlwind present begins…in between long distance traveling to see each other…yes we still live in two different cities across the state, sub-internship’s in Orthopedic Surgery for Future Dr. B, B taking step 3 of the USMLE boards, the start of his M4 year, applying for 80 plus residency programs across the country, and all of this occurring with me just along for the ride, I still am in the process of finishing the planning of my dream wedding.

Now it is time to say hello again and see if anyone wants to join this super crazy journey with me. I’m scared to death what is ahead of me – I could be moving across states, getting a new job, selling my house, and moving Henry and myself on a journey that takes to the one person we both love the most – Future Dr. B. At any rate I am so ready for the close of this crazy story and the start of a new one….who is game?

The craziest part – I’m actually going to be marrying a doctor – Future Dr. B graduates the weekend before our wedding at the beginning of June.


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