Meet Henry…


I got a puppy. Here is the run down:

1. His name is Henry (No idea why everyone hates this name).

2. He likes to pee on things he likes including your leg (trying to break this habit).

3. I rescued him from a far away inner city land (that means he has street smarts).

4. He likes to lick your face.

5. He looks like a cute mix of dachshund and golden but he is 100% wiener.

6. His head is too big for his body.

7. His tail is always going nuts.

8. He has ADHD outside – it is bad.

9. Tugging is the name of his game.

10. He is my new little baby, and my life has already changed to prove it.


One thought on “Meet Henry…

  1. Love him! I told Mr. H that I wanted a dappled dachshund, but he told me he wanted a dog with longer legs = BOO. I hope you enjoy your warm little puppy!

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