Too Long – Where has my time gone?

I know it has been way too long since I initially posted. I had every best interest originally to update often. Then it seems that life just kept moving too fast. These last two months have been a whirlwind. With Brendan nearing the tend of the M2 first half and work really kicking up for me, I feel like there hasn’t been enough time to truly miss or appreciate each other. However, I was looking through my iphone pictures, and I realized this was probably two months in which we spent the most time together since early summer. We celebrated our 4th year of “togetherness” this past weekend, and I realized very quickly that these last two months have really brought a lot of good times. I think one of the hardest things about dating someone in medical school, especially if you are living apart, is carving out enough time – rephrase – QUALITY time for one another.  I can say in the last two months we have successfully been able to accomplish this. I think that is why I have been MIA partially – I haven’t felt the same loneliness nor had the time because of all the things Brendan and I have been doing together. I understand those of you out there who might be away from your significant others for extended periods of times may have the urge to eye roll right now. But take it from a middle to late twenties couple, who have made long distance, full time jobs, and medical school some how work together in harmony for 4 years!

In tribute here is a retrospect appreciation to everything good that has happened in the two months – I hope this is the strength we can continue to muster for the rest of year, help us get through board exams, big work projects, and another 2.5 years of “apart/togetherness”.

We kicked off fall on the nicest day with “Donut September”


I promise we didn’t eat ALL of these by ourselves 😉


Took a day trip to Pittsburgh to see my favorite international duck


Ate at a Pittsburgh institution


Oh Hey Katy Perry and John Mayer



Nothing better than sampling some micro brews after a big test…


Cleveland Art Museum for fun togetherness anniversary celebration 🙂




Night out on the town



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